Synergies New Product Release | Empowering IT-deficient enterprises, achieving digital transformation and upgrading.

Synergies New Product Release | Empowering IT-deficient enterprises, achieving digital transformation and upgrading.

The leading global decision-making AI brand, Synergies, initiates the "Zero IT" revolution—empowering IT-deficient companies and data analysis-deficient companies, assisting intelligent manufacturing enterprises in addressing talent shortages and data dilemmas, unleashing operational potential, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and achieving digital transformation and upgrading.

Digitalization as a New Driver, Digitalzation as a New Driver, Empowering "Zero IT" Enterprises to Break Through Talent and Data Dilemmas

August 8, 2022 — The global decision-making AI leader, Synergies, recently launched a brand new 5G intelligent gateway, Odin, and announced the release of version 3.0 of its world's first decision-making AI platform, JarviX. Synergies provides a unique digital driving force for the manufacturing industry with a whole equipment management software and hardware integration solution — empowering "Zero IT" enterprises. This means helping manufacturing enterprises break through talent shortages and data dilemmas through the decision-making AI platform, incredibly empowering IT-deficient and data analysis-deficient companies, achieving further cost reduction and efficiency increase, and realizing digital transformation and upgrading.

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Synergies founder and CEO Zongyao Zhang stated: " Synergies envisions empowering 'Zero IT,' committed to lowering the barriers to data mining and AI decision-making in the manufacturing industry. It is especially emphasized that 'Zero IT' does not negate the value of the IT department but rather hopes to liberate the IT team from repetitive work and focus on more valuable matters. At the same time, we also help OT (Operational Technology) personnel enhance their data analysis capabilities and empower all employees in the enterprise to use the decision-making AI platform for application analysis, efficiently solving various problems in business scenarios."

Effective digital transformation is critical for the manufacturing industry to enhance its competitiveness in a variable economic environment. Synergies, through an integrated equipment management software and hardware integration solution, unblocks the entire data collection, governance, and analysis process, allowing enterprises that initially lacked resources and technical capabilities to achieve intelligent operations quickly. This realization includes predictive maintenance of equipment, inventory optimization, AI production scheduling, yield rate optimization, dynamic pricing intelligent optimization, and other intelligent upgrades, ultimately utilizing operational data to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

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The globally pioneering JarviX conversational decision-making AI platform, in combination with the brand-new intelligent gateway Odin, integrates the entire data governance process.

Synergies was founded in 2016 and introduced the JarviX conversational decision-making AI platform. JarviX, based on enhanced analytics technology, is a next-generation digital decision-management platform for industrial manufacturing. Its core value proposition is "driving intelligent manufacturing through a no-code data analysis platform, enhancing the analytical value and decision-making efficiency for every enterprise by more than tenfold." Through the JarviX platform, practitioners in the manufacturing industry can use methods such as differential analysis and clustering analysis by simply inputting in Chinese, quickly identifying the key factors affecting yield. The platform can also link data on processes, equipment, personnel, and work orders, offering operational optimization suggestions through data visualization and achieving "directive" data analysis.

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The newly released JarviX 3.0 version by Synergies will propel enterprises towards realizing a vision of intelligence and digitization, completing the transformation and upgrade from general manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. The additional features of JarviX 3.0 include a no-code operation mode of "drag-and-drop" to accomplish data standardization, data cleaning, and feature engineering, thus accelerating the process from data conversion to insight analysis. Consequently, enterprises based on JarviX 3.0 will be able to achieve five major intelligent applications: complete recording of analysis architecture, automatic recommendation of analysis suggestions, quick acquisition of optimized solutions, rapid establishment of a knowledge base, and team sharing of the knowledge base. This indeed realizes not being constrained by tools, data silos, or talent shortages, enhancing the enterprise's overall efficiency through data applications, achieving digital transformation and upgrading, and enhancing the enterprise's competitiveness.

To assist manufacturing enterprises in overcoming data governance challenges, Synergies has introduced the plug-and-play intelligent gateway Odin, which supports 5G networks and predictive maintenance of industrial equipment, bridging the entire process of industrial equipment data collection, transmission, and processing. The installation of Odin is quick and convenient, and it can seamlessly connect to the JarviX platform, becoming an integrated equipment management software and hardware integration solution. This, in turn, reduces the cost of data importation and operation maintenance, enhances data transmission and analytical capabilities, and promotes the maximization of production line efficiency and the optimal configuration of production system conditions.

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Synergies's conversational decision-making AI platform, JarviX, has been adopted by several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, contributing to cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. Its enterprise users span industries such as electronic processing, auto parts, and shoemaking, supporting substantial improvements in product yield, order fulfillment rate, report efficiency, and more. In 2021, Synergies was rated among the top 40 global suppliers in Gartner's "Enhanced Analytics Market Guide" and, in the same year, became the only industrial AI analytics startup to be selected for the "Greater China Region AI Startup Market Guide."

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