All-in-one AnalyticOps platform, where critical information remains accurate

Enhancing Cross-Functional Collaboration between OT and IT with NLP

Seamless integration from IoT, BI, AI to business logic
JarviX meets the four dimensions of data analysis, enabling your enterprise to streamline problem discovering, cause finding, optimization and data-driven decision making.
JarviX Augmented-Analytics solves the challenges of digital transformation
  • APS
    JarviX's machine learning integration and scenario simulation enable agile production scheduling to solve complex manufacturing planning challenges.
  • Identify key factors
    Identify key factors
    JarviX's built-in functionalities, such as root cause and association analysis, help identify key factors and enable continuous monitoring and targeted improvements.
  • Better collaboration between OT and IT
    Better collaboration between OT and IT
    No-code technology empowers OT to analyze and develop solutions, improving collaboration between OT and IT while reducing IT workload.
  • Automated supply chain
    Automated supply chain
    Real-time cost analysis enables dynamic pricing, instant value optimization, and decision support for order management and insertion in an automated supply chain.
  • Traceability of quality
    Traceability of quality
    Integrating cross-organizational KPIs and inter-system support achieves end-to-end traceability of the entire supply chain event lifecycle.
  • Optimizing profits
    Optimizing profits
    Real-time analysis of six major cost categories and converting cost indicators into management indicators for precise cost control at each operational stage.
  • Rapid process optimization
    Rapid process optimization
    Integrating digital twin with gateways, the solution provides a one-stop-shop for data collection, transmission, and analysis, achieving efficient optimization of production resource allocation.
  • Data decision enhancement
    Data decision enhancement
    By providing a one-stop solution for data processing, analysis, AutoML modeling, and simulation forecasting, businesses can significantly lower the barrier to entry for data analysis and AI, enabling traditional manufacturing industries to enhance their digital capabilities and improve overall data-driven decision-making.
Product Features
Unlock Data's Potential
Where Efficiency Meets Precision

Meticulously designed to streamlines data preparation but also empowers you with table linking functions, and advanced feature engineering capabilities to harness the full potential of your data.

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No-Code All the Way
Accessible to Everyone

Experience the cutting-edge world of no-code platforms. With a user-friendly interface that requires no coding, you can effortlessly create powerful features, including interactive war rooms, alerts, and more. Drive and enhance operational KPIs with ease, all through a drag-and-drop interface.

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All-in-one AnalyticOps platform
Streamline data-to-value process

JarviX is the world's first all-in-one analyticops platform that integrates the essential steps of data analysis and process on its advanced big data architecture, covering data governance, situation room monitoring, data exploration, AutoML, and AI prediction simulator. It accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises, shortening the distance from data to value.

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AI Machine Learning Models
Gain Rapid Insights into Data Patterns and Trends

Our AI machine learning models provide swift insights into the patterns and trends hidden within your data. They autonomously learn and evolve based on user needs and habits, thereby delivering more precise and tailored recommendations and solutions. This empowers users to swiftly discover answers to their questions and make informed decisions.

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Simulation and Optimization
Smarter Decision-Making and Strategic Optimization

Automatically analyze and optimize model parameters and settings to seek the optimal combinations. This intelligent optimization capability significantly saves time and resources while delivering more efficient solutions.

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ODIN 5G Gateway

Seamlessly integrated with JarviX

Seamlessly connect sensors, machinery,
and the JarviX AI platform for all-in-one data collection,
transformation, and analysis.
Odin supports predictive maintenance,
optimizes resource allocation, and enables energy savings for sustainable,
net-zero transformation.
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Synergies' world-leading AI augmented analytics technology
Gartner Global Top 40
in Augmented Analytics Tools
Gartner Global Top 40
in Augmented Analytics Tools
Gartner APAC
in AI Startup
Hannover Messe Top 10
Robotics Award Finalist
CIO Review in North America
20 Most promising cognitive solution providers
Michael Chang, Founder and CEO of Synergies
We use conversational interactive technology to drive data analysis and create the industrial equivalent of ChatGPT, helping companies streamline the process of turning data to valuable assets effortlessly.
CIO of top five global LCD panel suppliers
It is a simple, fast and intuitive experience analyzing data with JarviX. It really helps enhance work efficiency across teams.
CIO of leading international industrial computer supplier
JarviX enables us to instantly and dynamically grasp various data, significantly enhancing the accuracy of material inventory forecasting and improving meeting decision-making efficiency.
Data-driven Industry 4.0 solutions accelerate digital transformation for enterprises
Manufacturing Intelligence Meets Digitalization
Global leading mobile phone manufacturer builds top-tier supply chain and production system
  • Better order-acceptance capability to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing dynamic safety stock and reduce inventory risk.
  • Significantly improving overall decision-making efficiency and reducing costs.
Automated Supply Chain
World-leading automotive glass supplier builds top-tier end-to-end intelligent and automated supply chain
  • Accurate demand forecasting to achieve integrated and standardized management across the entire group.
  • Process automation to reduce human error and optimize the entire production process.
  • Improve the traceability of the lifecycle of all events.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Global leading outdoor shoe supplier builds AI-powered APS system
  • Parametrization and standardization of shoe manufacturing processes to improve response time.
  • Integrate and optimize logic and know-how to quickly find the best solution.
  • Process automation reduces manual planning and scheduling, lowering costs.
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