ODIN 5G Gateway
  • A lightweight 5G intelligent gateway that is plug-and-play and supports multiple sensor access.
  • Quickly connect to the JarviX big data analysis platform, bridging the entire process of industrial equipment data collection, transmission, processing, and analysis.
  • Supports capacity improvement through predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and management of equipment status, and helps improve equipment utilization.
Lightweight and fast deployment
  • Simple installation and connection, compatible with most industrial equipment, flexible to meet development, validation, and standard requirements.
  • Supports wireless network transmission, reducing wiring and construction costs
Supports most sensors
  • High expandability, supports access to multiple types, standards/protocols of sensors, meeting the business needs of customers in different scenarios.
  • Real-time monitoring of indicators such as vibration, temperature, humidity, acidity, and alkalinity, transmitting sensor data through the 5G network, facilitating monitoring and analysis.
More than just a gateway, it's also a HW and SW integrated upgrade
Using the ODIN 5G Gateway, you can quickly connect to JarviX,
achieving one-stop data collection, transmission, and analysis.
It supports predictive maintenance of equipment
and efficient optimization of production resource allocation.
Predictive maintenance
Improves equipment utilization by 20%
Traditional equipment maintenance methods are relatively passive and lack flexibility. If equipment failures result in temporary downtime for maintenance, it will affect production efficiency.
“Predictive maintenance in factories can effectively save 20-50% of the time for regular maintenance, improve equipment utilization by 10-20%, and is expected to save 5-10% of maintenance costs.”
- Making Maintenance Smarter
ODIN 5G Gateway
Empowers factory data capabilities
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JarviX All-in-one AnalyticOps Platform
Integrating ODIN 5G, algorithm-defined gateway, Redefines the digital ecosystem.
Low deployment and operation costs, seamless connection of sensors, edge computing gateways and JarviX decision AI big data analytics platform.
JarviX supports precise device diagnosis and prediction, integrates equipment maintenance and production scheduling plans, and significantly improves equipment utilization.
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