Advanced Planning & Scheduling System
AI computation, multi-KPI, intelligent adjustment
The biggest challenge in production scheduling for today's manufacturing industry is complexity and variability. JarviX APS uses intelligent algorithms and considers actual production constraints to provide users with a simulation-based and executable scheduling planning tool.
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JarviX APS Architecture

The manufacturing industry faces challenges from various factors, such as international situations, geopolitical changes, supply chain fluctuations, and shifts in end-user demand. This has resulted in the need for frequent simulations and adjustments in supply chain planning, production planning, and scheduling. The key objectives of planning and scheduling systems include accuracy, real-time performance, executability, and integration.

Traditionally, planning and scheduling processes were mostly done manually or through ERP modules, but these methods often resulted in long processing times, limited constraints, and inflexible ERP systems. To address these issues, many software companies have developed APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) software as a stand-alone solution for planning and scheduling.

The challenge lies in considering multiple constraint factors and obtaining the best solution that aligns with the enterprise's production and sales strategies under production constraints. With intelligent scheduling systems, enterprises can improve their ability to respond to challenges and use them as a solution and tool for production and sales, supply chain, detailed scheduling, MRP, and procurement and inventory management.

Product Service Architecture
Multi-scenario simulation
Provide the ability to parallelly simulate multiple scenarios with the same computation time, greatly improving the efficiency of computation and producing multiple solutions to support decision making.
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Digitize your supply chain management with JarviX APS
Enhancing your supply chain's resiliency, decision quality, and customer satisfaction while reducing manpower, time, production, and operation costs
Empower front-line employees and enhance organizational productivity
Making data-driven decisions
Production Control
Quicker planning and scheduling
Supply chain personnel
Control delivery status with transparency and accuracy
IE and on-site personnel
Eliminating pocket time and increasing equipment utilization
Success cases
Business Operation
Import benefits:
Understand how Foxconn uses AI scheduling, the scheduling time is from 5 days to 10 minutes, and the single factory saves 20,000 hours of manpower every year
Improve your on-time delivery performance with JarviX