Synergies and Beijer Electronics announce partnership to deliver a breakthrough industrial-grade AIoT solution

Synergies have established a strategic partnership with Beijer Electronics and collaborated with ASYS and Prognosis to launch the "Industrial AI Fast Decision-making OT/IT Integration Equipment Upgrade" solution. This collaboration brings together experts in AI data analytics, vibration measurement, and system integration to achieve rapid integration and equipment upgrades for industrial AIoT, helping enterprises reduce operational errors, lower integration costs, improve manufacturing efficiency, and enhance their competitiveness.

From left to right: Mr. Anson Chang, Manager of ASYS; Mr. Ju-Fan Lin, Assistant Manager of Beijer Electronics; Mr. Yuan Rong Sih, Consultant of Synergies; Mr. Gao Junwei, Director of Prognosis (Image: Synergies)

Synergies have been driving the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry for many years and have introduced the JarviX Industrial Decision AI platform. This platform covers over 90% of the functionalities required for enterprise-level data analysis processes, helping businesses identify operational inefficiencies and providing AI-based optimization recommendations.

Michael Chang, Synergies CEO said, "Through the pre-integration of JarviX with Beijer Electronics' smart gateway and the integration with the IoT platform BiFrost, we have achieved an integrated solution for data collection, transmission, processing, and analysis. Customers can use intuitive GPT dialogues on the JarviX platform for powerful data mining and analysis, allowing AI to provide them with recommendations for predictive maintenance and advanced quality management."

Chen Jinlong, Vice President of Beijer Electronics Asia Pacific, stated, "Beijer Electronics can create seamless edge solutions that connect OT and IT systems, as well as various wired and wireless communication networks, enabling real-time integration of various production and inspection equipment with MES/ERP system information. This allows IT vendors to develop advanced artificial intelligence or deep learning applications, driving digital development to achieve advanced manufacturing goals." Beijer Electronics has developed painless upgrade solutions for OT/IT equipment for traditional factories and manufacturers. By supporting smart HMI and gateways that support major PLC brands and various communication protocols, as well as the C# built into the iX visualization software, it ensures bi-directional communication between equipment and IT systems, effectively realizing the benefits of advanced manufacturing. "We are excited to work together with Synergies, ASYS, and Prognosis to achieve painless digitalization upgrades for factory equipment. Providing a complete solution requires the collaboration of multiple companies; establishing a strategic partner ecosystem is crucial," added Chen Jinlong.

According to the latest survey published in a foreign automation journal, less than 30% of factories worldwide can connect equipment operating data to ERP systems. The overall architecture of industrial AIoT provides the manufacturing industry with a smarter and painless solution, accelerating industrial automation and digital transformation. Smart manufacturing has become a future trend, and the application of industrial AI technology and data can not only improve production efficiency and reduce human errors but also provide greater market competitiveness for enterprises.

About Synergies
Founded by Dr. Zhang Zongyao in Boston, USA, in 2016, Synergies' core AI technology originates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is the world's first conversational decision-making AI and launched the JarviX data analytics end-to-end platform in 2019. By utilizing top AI-enhanced analytics technology, Synergies lowers the threshold for big data analysis, allowing operational teams to easily access, lightweight, and standardize enterprise-length analysis processes, reducing communication costs and organizational gaps between IT, data scientists, and operational teams. This significantly enhances the quality and speed of enterprise data-driven decision-making, accelerating digital transformation. In 2019, Synergies was selected as one of the top four coolest AI vendors in Asia by Gartner and has been continuously recognized as one of the best global digital transformation platforms in the Gartner Market Guide in 2021-22. The applications of JarviX span multiple domains, including manufacturing, finance, retail, energy, and more, with successful cases covering Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

About Beijer Electronics
Founded in Sweden in 1981, Beijer Electronics is an international and innovative enterprise that spans multiple industries. It provides flexible solutions for core applications in various industries, connecting people and technology to optimize processes. Beijer Electronics offers human-machine interaction interfaces, automation solutions, digitization solutions, display solutions, and technical support. It specializes in the field of industrial IoT, providing user-friendly software, hardware, and services to deliver leading-edge solutions that help customers overcome the challenges they face.

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