Global Footwear Industry Top 5: From 3 Hours to 10 Minutes, Analyzing Efficiency Improvement of 40x | What Did JarviX Intelligent Supply Chain Do

Yuchi Group was founded in 1995 as a multinational enterprise specializing in manufacturing professional sports shoes and high-performance outdoor footwear. The group operates production facilities across China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, with a current workforce exceeding 35,000 employees.

Yuchi Group collaborates with renowned global brands to develop and produce specialized sports shoes. Over the years, some partnering brands have included Decathlon, VANS, TOMS, Under Armour, La Sportive, ALTRA, The North Face, and more.

Potential Challenges in the Yuchi International Supply Chain

  1. The influx of rush and large orders led to increased procurement costs, and managing materials became challenging, resulting in cost escalation.

  2. A wide variety of material procurement items with fluctuating prices.

  3. Multiple sources for materials, each with different lead times.

  4. Frequent discrepancies between current demand, procurement quantities, and planned demand, leading to ad-hoc orders.

  5. Delays in production schedules due to materials needing to arrive on time.

Benefits Brought by JarviX to Yuchi International - Data-Driven Management

By analyzing historical production data, we have successfully improved report generation efficiency by 40 times. This analysis has provided us with more detailed and precise production scheduling plans. Our system can instantly receive real-time data from the production floor, giving us up-to-date information on production progress. This real-time data lets us quickly update production rules and BOM (Bill of Materials), making scheduling operations more standardized and efficient.

Benefits Brought by JarviX to Yuchi International - Inventory Reduction

We have implemented a series of measures to streamline the production process. Firstly, we have reduced waiting times at bottleneck processes, thus reducing the need for on-site inventory. We introduced a scheduling system core to AI algorithms that coordinate production steps across different workshops, eliminating bottlenecks during production. We have also thoroughly reviewed scheduling rules to reduce production issues caused by human error. These measures, combined, have made the production process more efficient and smooth, resulting in a 60% decrease in inefficient capacity utilization.

Benefits Brought by JarviX to Yuchi International - Enhanced Planning Accuracy

We introduced an automated planning and scheduling system that makes the entire scheduling process more intelligent and efficient. This system can flexibly schedule arrangements based on rules set by schedulers. By visualizing factory management, we can monitor and manage the production process in real time, and the system can dynamically generate scheduling results. This saves a significant amount of time and achieves a 100% delivery rate for final orders. In summary, this automated scheduling system makes the scheduling process more intelligent and visual, improving production efficiency and order delivery rates.

Benefits Brought by JarviX to Yuchi International - Accurate Delivery Date Prediction

We balance resources and order demands to establish a reasonable production sequence to ensure on-time order delivery. Our scheduling system can instantly update the latest expected plans, providing real-time information on delivery times. We have also integrated experiential rules and considered scheduling conditions to refine the scheduling process further. We've reduced the delayed delivery rate by 33% by implementing these combined measures. This has significantly improved our ability to meet delivery time requirements.

What Did JarviX Do?

JarviX employs intelligent scheduling technology, including reinforcement learning methods, to achieve rapid simulation of optimal solutions:

  1. We use neural networks to autonomously design optimized actions and states to find the best scheduling solutions.

  2. We dynamically adjust these actions to adapt to the reward mechanism, quickly finding the best solutions.

  3. Our AI algorithm incorporates human experiential rules to predict delivery dates accurately.

JarviX utilizes intelligent scheduling technology, combining reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to quickly simulate optimal solutions while incorporating human experiential rules for precise delivery date predictions. This series of innovative measures enhances production scheduling efficiency and accuracy.

JarviX has been implemented in dozens of Yuchi Group factories and applied in over thirty departments.

Let's take one factory as an example:

Previously, it took 2-3 full-time employees 3 hours or more each day to perform scheduling and report analysis. However, the situation has changed significantly. Using our new approach, it now takes as little as 10 minutes to simulate a brand-new production plan, resulting in a remarkable 40-fold increase in efficiency.

This example demonstrates the power of new technology, simplifying what used to be time-consuming work and making the entire production scheduling process more efficient and convenient.

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