Decision-Making AI Enters EMS Giant Foxconn: Exploring How Synergies' JarviX Platform Leads the Digital Transformation

“Synergies recently unveiled JarviX 3.0, aiming to enhance employees' digital literacy more efficiently through a 'conversational' interactive approach, playing a role in 'empowering the frontlines and reshaping the organization.”

In the 2022 Chinese Government Work Report, "boost[ing] the core competitiveness of manufacturing" and "encourage[ing] development of the digital economy" are highlighted as two critical areas for the future development of China's manufacturing industry. Looking back at the past few years of growth in China's manufacturing industry, while more and more domestic enterprises have entered the ranks of world leaders, the overall average profit margin remains relatively low. Implementing cost reduction and efficiency improvement in various aspects of the manufacturing process is necessary through leaner management and powerful digital tools.

Founded in 2016, Synergies, a global leader in industrial decision-making AI, has been committed to enhancing production data insights and decision efficiency for enterprise customers through a "driven by a no-code data analytics platform" approach. Their conversational decision-making platform, JarviX, introduced in 2019, uses machine learning to automatically analyze various tasks in enterprise manufacturing processes, covering data extraction, analysis, and machine learning model implementation. This platform enables OT personnel to understand the business better and conduct data analysis effortlessly and efficiently, addressing various business scenarios.

With the support of Synergies' JarviX platform, several global Fortune 500 manufacturing companies have achieved significant improvements in product yield, on-time delivery rates, and operational management. Among them, Foxconn, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry, through the use of JarviX platform, not only reduced the time required for production scheduling from half a day to 10 minutes but also achieved approximately 1% cost savings through intelligent procurement and inventory management, genuinely unlocking the value of enterprise production data and yielding tangible benefits.

AI-Powered Scheduling for Flexible Production Adjustments

As one of the world's largest contract manufacturers in the 3C electronics field, Foxconn frequently encounters the need to insert urgent orders into its daily production schedule and complete scheduling adjustments and material collection within a short period. In such cases, manual scheduling adjustments using Excel can lead to errors such as omissions or mistakes, causing irreparable financial losses for the company. On the other hand, relying on a customized APS system deployed in the factory for re-planning can be inconvenient and time-consuming, as constraint-based intelligent algorithms require professional intervention to inspect software and parameter settings in the case of significant deviations from the results obtained through human-estimated scheduling.

Synergies' JarviX platform, with its AI-powered scheduling, has three key advantages: "speed, multidimensionality, and predictability." It can directly import production planning tables from various factories, rapidly generating schedules for 1000 work orders within 3 and 40 seconds. This capability allows factories to respond more flexibly to fluctuations in production demands, labor shortages, and material shortages without manual coordination.

JarviX, an augmented analysis platform, is designed based on a "point-line-surface-volume" framework, enabling real-time integration with ERP, APS, and MES systems. This holistic approach helps Foxconn gain control over the entire production manufacturing process and avoids the "data silo" phenomenon from the ground up.

Moreover, JarviX's user-friendly and visual applications are another platform highlight. Employees without a deep IT background can input the necessary work orders and KPI settings into the JarviX platform to obtain various solution options. It also provides multiple visual applications, including dynamic simulations, machine Gantt charts, and business forecasts, allowing users to comprehensively compare different scenarios more intuitively.

With the support of JarviX's AI-powered scheduling, Foxconn's single factory has saved approximately 1.2 million yuan in annual labor costs, and the time required for rescheduling production plans has decreased from half a day's work to less than 10 minutes, significantly improving customer satisfaction and timeliness.

Intelligent Procurement Recommendations for Agile Supply Chain Responses

In addition to flexible and efficient production scheduling, optimizing inventory and procurement scenarios is another crucial aspect of achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement for Foxconn. By implementing the JarviX platform in its subsidiary factories, Foxconn has undertaken comprehensive coordination and adjustment in management, material control, warehousing, production lines, industrial engineering, and more. This shift moves from "making decisions on a whim" to business modeling, object simulation, and algorithm computation, resulting in a 78% increase in overall inventory analysis efficiency.

How does JarviX help Foxconn enhance the overall efficiency of its supply chain? It's primarily a risk management process. First, to dynamically optimize procurement and inventory strategies, internal enterprise data (historical orders, inventory movements, procurement, supplier data, etc.) is imported into the JarviX platform, along with various performance indexes such as demand volatility, delivery dates, production cycles, and customer service levels. After collecting this data, JarviX's platform application provides proactive alerts to procurement personnel to track outstanding purchase orders for materials in real time, significantly reducing production stagnation risks.

Secondly, JarviX's platform application categorizes all materials into three categories: Fast / Slow / No Moving and uses FSN clustering analysis to manage better and plan material inventory based on the demand characteristics of different category attributes. This approach avoids discovering dead stock issues only during month-end, quarter-end, or year-end inventory counts. Furthermore, JarviX's platform application can provide intelligent procurement recommendations through simulations, demonstrating the value of decision-making AI technology.

Reflecting on the Digital Wave, JarviX 3.0 Leads Enterprise Digitization

In the current wave of digitization, manufacturing companies that wish to progress must achieve higher efficiency and have a greater demand for data control throughout the industry. Synergies hope to assist enterprises in moving towards a more "plug-and-play" direction in data collection, organization, and analysis, creating an "industrial brain" that tightly integrates the physical, management, and analytical layers. Consequently, decision-making AI can enable enterprises to better align with the upstream supply chain and downstream market demands and improve the internal control of people, finances, and materials.

Synergies recently unveiled JarviX 3.0, aiming to enhance employees' digital literacy more efficiently through a "conversational" interactive approach, playing a role in "empowering the frontlines and reshaping the organization." New features in JarviX 3.0 include a "drag-and-drop" no-code operation method for data standardization, data cleansing, and feature engineering, accelerating the process from data transformation to insight analysis. With JarviX 3.0, enterprises can achieve five major digitization applications: complete record analysis architecture, automatic recommendation of analysis suggestions, rapid optimization solution retrieval, rapid knowledge base establishment, and team-shared knowledge base. This enables enterprises to break free from tool limitations, data silos, and talent shortages, enhancing overall efficiency and competitiveness through digitization.

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