Intelligent Wealth Management System
for Excellent Customer Services


AI Robo-Advisor from Financial Technology

With the ever growing development of big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, it’s time to apply these technologies to the financial industry and build a cloud-based wealth management team: Robo-Advisor is no longer a dream.

By combining econometric models and investment portfolios through innovative algorithms, the cloud-based wealth management tool empowers your corporation to provide services to various investors with ease.

Customer Insights (KYC)

Traditionally, understanding the customer is time-consuming and must rely on the first-line workers’ instincts. Synergies’ Robo-Advisor evaluates data objectively with machine learning algorithms; thus, you can precisely understand a customer’s risk tolerance to deliver the most suitable investment strategy within a short timeframe.

All-in-one Investment Package

As we believe everyone should have the possibility to make investment, we decided to make it approachable by everyone. To do so, Robo-Advisor adopts algorithm models recognized by Nobel Prize, allowing your customers to benefit from the results of intelligent investment strategy and helping you to develop new customer segments.

Review Your Assets

As asset management is key to wealth accumulation, having a clear display especially dedicated to it is mandatory. Our solution provides a precise display of customers’ assets in addition to assist them in holding those in the long run and thus achieve their objective. With the stringent user experience design and verification, all information needed is grouped to be accessible with one click. We believe that an investment tool should fulfill customer’s needs, instead of requiring customers to learn it before using it.

Three major features of our Robo-Advisor

Robo-Advisor products panel knows no limits but the one our clients want to set. Therefore, the pool product is entirely customizable.

The investment strategy recommended to customers can be adjusted and designed based on financial institution’s business strategy.

The first volatilty-based model that includes the time factor to optimize the forecast accuracy of Black-Litterman model.

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